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Naturally occurring states of hypnosis

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

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Hypnosis is a naturally occurring processes that everyone experiences daily. Have you ever driven somewhere and arrived at your destination thinking “How did I get here so fast? I don’t recall driving the last few miles.” Simply, the physical body and its critical factor, the conscious mind, were preoccupied with the physical mechanics of driving; steering, paying attention to the road, obeying traffic laws, pressing the gas pedal, breaking, etc… You may be alarmed, thinking you were asleep at the wheel. Actually, in this state, you are deeply focused and more aware. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t be in a safer more powerful state!

Have you ever been so engrossed in a good book or show and you lost track of time? Time just seemed to fly.

These natural trance-like states are the body’s ability to protect itself from stress and overload. Our body has a circuit breaker built right in our brains to prevent ourselves from blowing a fuse! This occurs approximately once an hour. We all day dream and drift off. How many times has someone caught you daydreaming or zoning out only to demand you snap out of it and come back down to earth? That moment is a naturally occurring state of hypnosis. In that moment your critical factor that creates the walls of resistance are naturally down and easily bypassed as new positive suggestions are positively received and accepted.

Imagine the possibilities to affect positive behavioral change with something as natural and simple as hypnosis.

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